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Recipe to Make Your Own Natural Insect Repellent

You can make natural insect repellent yourself. The insect repellent is safe and effective, plus it costs much less to make it than to buy it. Natural Insect Repellent Safety There are a few different formulations you can make for your natural insect repellent. These repellents involve diluting essential oils that the insects find distasteful or which confuses them. The oils dont mix with water, so youll need to add them to other oils or to alcohol. Its important to use an oil or alcohol that is safe for your skin. Also, dont go overboard with the essential oils. The oils are potent and could cause skin irritation or another reaction if you use too much. If you are pregnant or nursing, do not apply an insect repellent, natural or otherwise, until after youve gotten it cleared by your physician. Natural Insect Repellent Ingredients Different insects are repelled by different chemicals, so youll get a more effective repellent if you combine a few different insect-repelling natural oils. If you are making large amounts of insect repellent, a good rule of thumb is to mix the repellent so its 5-10% essential oil, so mix 1 part essential oil with 10-20 parts carrier oil or alcohol. For a smaller batch use: 10 to 25 drops (total) of essential oils2 tablespoons of a carrier oil or alcohol The essential oils that work well against biting insects (mosquitoes, flies, ticks, fleas) are: cinnamon oil (mosquitoes)lemon eucalyptus or regular eucalyptus oil (mosquitoes, ticks, and lice)citronella oil (mosquitoes and biting flies)castor oil (mosquitoes)orange oil (fleas)rose geranium (ticks and lice) Safe carrier oils and alcohols include: olive oilsunflower oilany other cooking oilwitch hazelvodka Natural Insect Repellent Recipe Mix the essential oil with the carrier oil or alcohol. Rub or spray the natural insect repellent onto skin or clothing, using care to avoid the sensitive eye area. Youll need to re-apply the natural product after about an hour or after swimming or exercise. Unused natural insect repellent may be stored in a dark bottle, away from heat or sunlight. If you wish, you may combine the oil with aloe vera gel to change the consistency of the product.

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Analysis Of Disney s Disney - 1748 Words

Portfolio Project: Disney Gregory John Pico AMU Disney in other Countries Each country has differences with how their culture plays a factor on how they do business. Rather it is by certain topics being discussed or a certain way people greet one another. When examining the cultural charts of both France and China on , a U.S. manager can get an idea on how their behavior may need to be modified when communicating with associates from France or China. For example, France scored a 68 on power distance, meaning that children are raised to be dependent on their parents, as well as teachers and to their superiors in the work environment (geert-hofstede, 2014). It is a society where inequality is fairly†¦show more content†¦The Chinese Communist government has complete power over the legislation, economic and cultural institutions. While western economies have governments that promote transparency for doing business, China’s Communist Party’s rules and regulations have made transparency difficult (Jayaraman, 2009). Large manufacturing companies can come under various and random regulations and bureaucracies, and the Chinese promotes a form of social networking called guanxiwang, where guanxi is the relationship between the individual and the entities of the network (Jayaraman, 2009). With the heavy amount of corruption and the lack of transparency the guanxiwang or the social network with connections with people from the communist party can help western businesses avoid red tape and bureaucracy. The IMF told the international business world that China was doing fine in their transition to a new normal. With the IMF stating that the country was moving towards a slower but safer and more sustainable growth (Porter, 2015). With the risk coming from the Chinese government and their push for more economic reform might prove to be insufficient (Porter, 2015). The leaders in Beijing have stated that if there is further economic change it will lead to inevitably political instability, which doesn’t lead to the strongest incentive for government reform. Laws, Corruption and Ethics Though Disney does do business in multiple countries, the primary

McDonald Has a Different Political & Legal Role in Every Country

Question: Why McDonald Has A Different Political Legal Role In Every Country? Answer: Introduction McDonalds Corporation is one of the fastest growing food chain restaurants in the world serving more than 47 million people worldwide. They are currently serving to the customers through their worldwide restaurant chain. They have includes various fast food and soft drinks in their menu. Many of the McDonalds restaurants provide with a playground for the children. They are using effective marketing strategies by gearing advertisement campaigns. McDonalds is based on the concept of franchising. They are working by gaining royalties and franchisees and sales through company operated restaurants. The company is known worldwide for the effective sales and marketing strategies (Our Ambition, 2017). Company background The company began its business in the year 1940. The restaurant chain was originally opened by brothers Dickand Mac McDonald in Bernardino, California. They were the pioneers of speed service system in the year 1948 by establishing the principles in the modern fast food chain. With the expansion of the company, they have incorporated a different business model. They are symbol of globalization with a maximum outreach (Maccas Story, 2017). Mission and vision statement The purpose of the brand is to sell good quality products. For achieving the goals the brand is using positive force for their customers, society and the world. The overall purpose of McDonalds is to promote choices. This is done by serving good food. They promote real ingredients, promotes good choice and transparency. Sustainability is the primary purpose of the brand. This is to acknowledge the overall growing need of food with a good taste (Farfan, 2016.). Mc Donalds creates opportunities for the society by encouraging people. They are offering job opportunity to the diverse workforce. This has facilitated in efficient growth structure in the market. They are also rewarding the workers who are working in the goodwill of the company (Talpau and Boscor, 2011). It is through their extra ordinary strategies that the company is able to make a concrete difference to the society. Brand values The brand values to provide good quality services to customers. They work in a clean environment where customers are able to enjoy their meal. They are providing good quality food to the customers. This has allowed them to enjoy their meal (Han, 2009). Macro environmental analysis The macro environmental analysis helps in analyzing the external factors that allow an individual to understand the brand relationship with the external market. In a highly competitive economy it is relevant for the brand to understand the need of an effective business strategy. All these strategies will allow the brand to make a remarkable difference in the global platform. PESTLE Analysis Political factors The international operation of McDonalds is influenced by the political operation in the country. The policies in the country are the major factor that influences the working of the organization. For instance there is certain health care organization taking strict action against the fast food chains. The company works under a controlled mechanism regulated by effective policies and procedure, the specific market in McDonalds focus on the different policies and procedure as made by the local government. Every country does have a different political legal system. Under such a different environment it has become important for the brand to understand the needs. McDonalds is able to serve to different customers in the different environment. This is due to the ethical practices by the organization that they are able to recognize different market share. There is certain level of tax obligation that they have to follow in order to gain a secured marketing position (Deng, 2009). Economic factors These are one of the important fact in the food industry are the economic factors. These fast food chains are not excluded from the dispute. They do have individual concern related with the economic factors, the branches of McDonalds located at different corner in the world are governed by the local economy. The menu at McDonalds is priced according to the local economy and their purchasing power. McDonalds has o face hardship in case if the economy is undergoing any hardship. These are causing the revenue of the company in a long run. Regarding the raw food material, McDonalds is importing it from other countries. The change in the exchange rate is one of the factors that are influencing overall sales of the company. They do have to consider the market standing of the product in order to make a considerable difference. The purchasing power of the economy is the key influential factors that are considered to keep a check over the prices the franchisee located in the different countri es need to make effective measures to earn economy of scale (Dobni, 2010). Social and cultural factors The social and the cultural factors professed by different economies are the key factors that influence the company. In order to gain market standing the brand need to work proficiently. The company is working efficiently as per the local working model. It is important for the company to adopt the local working model to attain economies. This is important for achieving sustainable growth. They have launched sensible valued programs that help the brand in earning economies. It is necessary that the brand understand the local culture. McDonalds has established an effective chain that allows them to understand the different market needs. The company is using the concept of consumer behavior in order to understand the needs of the customers, it is considered as one of the key influential factor for the growth of the company these business strategies allow them to attain market efficiencies by developing a concrete business model (Thompson, Peteraf, Gamble, Strickland and Jain, 2013). Technological factors The company is using effective advertising to attract the consumers. The important part of company business strategy is to use media as a communicator. The company is using internet to attract customers from different age group. They are using animated depiction that is very well used in their advertisement campaign. The operations of McDonalds are operated by the efficient technology. The different elements in the organization are controlled by the technology. McDonalds is a live example of integration of technology on day-to-day function. This has helped the brand in gaining an effective value chain (Mujtaba and Patel, 2011). Legal factors These are the important factors that are been regulating the food industry largely. McDonalds uses an effective corporate social responsibility model. This model allows them to gain market competency. The reputation of the brand is developed due to the key marketing strategies as developed by the brand. The company has provided relevant data to the customers that have helped them in gaining a sustainable market place. They are following the local rules as made by the governing authority. Other legal concepts like tax obligation. Employment standards are effectively followed by the company (Stonehouse, Campbell, Hamill and Purdie, 2009). Environmental factors The social responsibility is effectively used by the company is important for the company. The company is using effective environmental strategies that will allow the brand to make a sustainable difference. The environmental needs are used efficiently to make a difference to the society. The company is using sustainability model to achieve competency in the field of environment sustainability (Yuece, 2012). Business strategy The business model of McDonalds is based on the market development strategy. For the purpose the brand is expanding into the growing market in Asian countries. The penetration in the Asian countries has allowed the brand to gain high potential. McDonalds has gained success in the market of Seoul, Beijing, India and UAE due to its effective business strategy model. There are other regions in the Asian market that promise high sales. This creative food chain can gain effective market growth through their market strategies. These creative market strategies allow the brand to gain enough of market space (Corporate Strategy, 2017). Franchising The processor global expansion is carried through the effective franchising policies. The successful franchising policies allow the brand to make a remarkable difference. More than 80 percent of the restaurants are operated in the basis of the franchising system (Corporate Strategy, 2017). Adaptation strategy The best part about McDonalds is the adaptation strategy. The company is following the business strategy as per the local market. The menu is been structured as per the local market needs. For instance the food menu in Australia will be different from the food many in India. The company has gained a sustainable share in the market through effective adaptive strategy. For the purpose they understand the local culture and food taste. This allows them to gain sustainable objectives. It is difficult for the brand to gain competency. It is necessary for brand to maintain uniformity by managing the quality of food. This allows the brand to gain the market advantage (Gillis and Combs, 2009). Value for money and customer services The company is known for providing value for money goods to the customers. The products used by the brand are cost efficient. They main motive of the brand is to provide high quality products to the customers located at the different corner of the world. The customer services are focused on providing high quality services to the customers... the increasing demand of the complex food will allow the brand to create experience for the customers. Recommendations to the CEO The brand should use a service differentiation. They need to focus on the differentiation strategy in order to create a sustainable market place. This will create a sense of superior quality services. The service differentiation strategy offers superior services at each level. It is recommended to the CEO t create personal differentiation strategy. It is necessary to create a well trained staff. They need to make an investment in the personalized training structure, this will let brand to understand the customers perspective in an easy way. They should adopt an integrated promotional mix model. This model looks for a balance between the traditional and modern media channel. This has helped the brand in defining an easy structure at work. The digital media need to be used efficiently to gain economy of scale. They should offer additional products to the customers. This will allow the brand to provide convenience. They need to make an investment in the menu. This will allow the brand to attract customers (Recommendations, 2017). Conclusion To conclude the report includes the effective band strategy at McDonalds. The brand is known across the world for the effective brand strategy. It includes the eternal marketing strategies and provides recommendations in an effective way. The report suggests different measures that can be utilize by the brand in order to create competitive ability. It has to realize the competencies that are required to generate desirable market capacity. References Corporate Strategy, 2017. Online. Available at: Accessed on: 16 May 2017 Deng, T., 2009. McDonald's New Communication Strategy on Changing Attitudes and Lifestyle.International Journal of Marketing Studies,1(1), p.37. Dobni, C.B., 2010. Achieving synergy between strategy and innovation: The key to value creation.International journal of business science and applied management,5(1), pp.48-58. Farfan, B. 2016. McDonald's Vision and Values in Mission StatementOnline. Available at: Accessed on: 16 May 2017 Gillis, W.E. and Combs, J.G., 2009. Franchisor strategy and firm performance: Making the most of strategic resource investments.Business Horizons,52(6), pp.553-561. Han, J., 2009. The business strategy of Mcdonalds.International Journal of Business and Management,3(11), p.72. Maccas Story, 2017. Online. Available at: Accessed on: 16 May 2017 Mujtaba, B.G. and Patel, B., 2011. McDonalds Success Strategy And Global Expansion Through Customer And Brand Loyalty.Journal of Business Case Studies (JBCS),3(3), pp.55-66. Our Ambition , 2017. Online. Available at: Accessed on: 16 May 2017 Recommendations, , 2017. Online. Available at: Accessed on: 16 May 2017 Stonehouse, G., Campbell, D., Hamill, J. and Purdie, T., 2009.Global and transnational business: strategy and management. John Wiley Sons. Talpau, A. and Boscor, D., 2011. lletin of the Transilvania University of Brasov. Economic Sciences. Series V,4(1), p.51. Thompson, A., Peteraf, M., Gamble, J., Strickland III, A.J. and Jain, A.K., 2013.Crafting Executing Strategy 19/e: The Quest for Competitive Advantage: Concepts and Cases. McGraw-Hill Education. Yuece, I., 2012.SWOT Analysis of McDonald's and Derivation of Appropriate Strategies. GRIN Verlag.

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The Life and Story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart free essay sample

Wolfgang Audiophiles Mozart better known as just Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was baptized January 27, 1756 in Salisbury on Strategies street in the ninth house, which at the time was a part of the Holy Roman Empire but is now Austria. He was born to Leopold and Anne Maria Pertly Mozart In the same house he lived in until he was 17 with his mother, father and his big sister Marl Anne, she was halls only slang to survive Infancy. He was baptized In SST Ruptures Cathedral the day after he was born.His father was the deputy Orchestra Master of the court of the Archbishop of Salisbury, a composer, and a teacher as well. In fact the year Wolfgang was born his dad successfully published a violin textbook, which was a best selling introduction to violin book. Wolfgang sister nicknamed Manner commented on his youth saying that when he was 3 he spent much of his time placing out thirds, and they sounded good. We will write a custom essay sample on The Life and Story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page When Wolfgang was 4 his dad started teaching his young son some minuets and other pieces on the clavier.While he was 4 still, Wolfgang could hear a piece one time and play it back exactly note for note and perfectly in time, sometimes even making changes to improve the music. By the time he was 5 he was composing small pieces, and at age 6 he knew how to play the piano, violin, and organ. In 1762 the Mozart family made several tours around Northern Europe where Wolfgang and his sister Manner would perform starting at the court of Prince elector-Macmillan the third In Munich and then to the Imperial Court In Vienna and Prague.This led to the three and a half year long tour to the courts Munich, Anaheim, Paris, London, the Hogue, once again to Paris then on his way home he stopped at Zurich, Denunciating, and again to Munich. During this trip Wolfgang met many musicians with whom he familiarized himself with there music along with the music of the greats such as J. S. Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Poachable, Purcell, and Palestinian. One of the great role model moments of Wolfgang was when he sat on the knee of Johann Christian Bach O. S. Bachs youngest son) In London and Improvised a fugue.Wolfgang time spent with J. C. Bach would influence his concerto style, whom the Mozart visited in 1 764 and 1765. It was here at age 8 where Wolfgang wrote his first two symphonies. In late 1767 the Mozart went back to Vienna where the 12 year old Wolfgang staged a production of his first opera, Abstain undo Abstinent. This is also where he composed the Latin drama, Apollo Et Hyacinths. Next year Wolfgang and his dad visited the major cities of Italy. Wolfgang met with G. B. Martial In Bologna where he was accepted Into the famous Academia Philharmonic. Then they went to Rome and on July 8, 1770 where the pope dubbed Wolfgang a Knight of the Order of the Golden Spur. While in Rome they went to the Sistine Chapel to hear Gregory Allegros Miseries, he heard the performance once then wrote the entire piece from memory only returning once to fix small mistakes. This was the first illegal copy of the closely guarded work of the Vatican. Composed 3 more Operas on commission. Towards the end of this Journey in Italy Knolling composed his first masterpiece, the solo motet Exculpate, Jubilate, K 165.All of this traveling around to cultural hotshots exposed young Wolfgang to a wide rarity of music and styles from instrumental to choral and his talented ear absorbed them all ultimately giving him a broad breadth and substance of music and art. Sack in Salisbury in 1773 Wolfgang got a Job with the Salisbury court by Prince- Archbishop Colored as a court musician. The Archbishop was a stern frugal man Ninth little sympathy and paid Wolfgang only 1 50 florins a year, so he called the Archbishop Archbishop.Wolfgang had a hard time not exercising his full potential and being a common musician after all he has been knighted and hobnobbed with kings and queens. In 1777 Wolfgang resigned his position to search for work in Paris Inhere he befriended members of the best orchestra of the time and fell in love with Alyssa Weber. Wolfgang mother died in 1778 and his dad found him a Job back in Salisbury as a court organist and concertmaster for 450 florins a year. Before going back to Salisbury to his new position in 1779 he composed the A minor piano sonata K 310/30th) and the Paris symphony (No. 1). In 1781 the 25 year olds opera Demimonde premiered successfully in Munich. His current employer Archbishop Colored threatened to fine half a years wages if he did it again so Wolfgang tried to resign several times and was finely awarded his termination with a literal kick in the ass administered by the Archbishops Steward, Count Arcos. He decided to be a relevance musician and composer in Vienna, not Just to enjoy the musical culture of Vienna but also to get away from his overbearing father.In a letter to his sister he explains how he gives lessons and performs in concerts to get by, this is also when and where he met his dear Constance (Loggias older sister). Wolfgang reputation Nas ceiled when he won a piano duel and became Viennese best keyboarder. In 1782 Wolfgang and Constance got married and he found time to study Bach and Handel which greatly influenced his music. He also played chamber music with his friend Joseph Hayden in 1784 and Joined the freemasons that year. Still a practicing catholic in 1791 he composed the opera Die Subterfuge which embr aces Masonic deals. The couple had six kids but only two of them managed to live past infancy. From 1782 to 1785 Wolfgang put on many concerts usually in an apartment or restraint for more room. Many of Wolfgang greatest works were created between the years 1785 to 1787 as this was a time when he had a full complement of pupils, he played several concerts a week, and collected the spoils from the commissions of composing. It was at this time that Wolfgang Mozart combined artistic forces with the birettas Lorenz Dad Point and together they created two of Wolfgang most refined operas, The Marriage of Figaro (1786), and Don Giovanni (1787).These pieces were accepted and popularized all over Europe especially in Prague. In December 1787 Knolling got a steady Job as Emperor Joseph the seconds chamber composer Inch only required that he compose dances for the annual ball. This same year the 17 year old Ludwig Van Beethoven came to Vienna hoping to study with Mozart, they met for only a short while until the d eath of Beethovens mother temporarily drew him back home. Unfortunately by the time Beethoven made it back to Vienna Mozart had already passed away. By 1786 Wolfgang financial situation had declined due to and his shrinking appearance at concerts.In 1788 Wolfgang and his family relocated to a suburb of Legendary in attempt to improve his living space for money spent on rent. A broke Wolfgang resorted to begging for loans most often from his friend and fellow mason, Michael Bugbear. Even though it was suspected that he began to suffer from depression and his works were slowing he still managed to produce three more symphonies and one more opera with Dad Point in 1790. Around this time Knolling toured many German cities to try and improve his financial situation but only with limited success and didnt help as much as he hoped. 791 was Mozart last year on this earth which is highly unfortunate being that his luck was starting to Change, he produced some of his most admired works then including The Magic Flute, his last piano concerto KICK in B flat, the KICK clarinet concerto, a string quintet, a motet, and his unfinished masterpiece Requiem. His financial situation also began to improve because of the support of wealthy Hungarian and Amsterdam tarots in exchange for occasionally composing a piece for them, on top of his Job as the imperial chamber composer.While at the Emperors coronation festivities and premier of his latest opera in Prague Mozart fell ill, although he was still able to do Nor and conduct the premier of The Magic Flute his condition worsened to the point Inhere he was bedridden due to swelling, pain and vomiting. And even though he Nas fatally ill and in great pain Mozart was determined to continue his work on Requiem which was finished by Franz Summary after his death. When Wolfgang was only 35 years old he unexpectedly died at 1 am on December 5, 1791.Although the exact reason for his death is unknown there are 118 probabilities doctors agree on. Ere most accepted cause of death is acute rheumatic fever and kidney failure which Nas worsened by needless blood letting. His funeral was simple and not we ll attended which was customary at the time, but his memorial services and concerts Mere well attended and a wave of enthusiasm for his work pursued shortly after. Mozart premature death was the single most regrettable event in the history of music.

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Womens Labor Project Example

Womens Labor Project Example Women's Labor Project – Coursework Example History and Political Science Topic: Womens Labor Project Dear Family, It has been almost one year since I left home in search of a new life in theUnited States of America. Although I miss my life in the village in Italy, I am adjusting well to my new surroundings in New York City. Although my first interest was to be reunited with my husband, Aronne my new passion is with my work. I have secured a new job in an apparel factory, many of the women that I work with are also from Italy so we get the opportunity to swap stories in our mother language. It is difficult to communicate with some of the other women because they often speak different languages and it is sometimes difficult to communicate in English. Nevertheless I have become good friends with a German lady who speaks English quite well, and even some Italian.It was not always easy for Aronne and I in our new life. Upon our arrival we had to live in a settlement house in the city and it was difficult for us to find good jobs. There was a lot of crime, in this new apartment complex but we life next to some good Italian people and we look out for each other. In the market it is easy to find some of the foods that we are accustomed to but there are a lot of people from very exotic places and it is always exciting to explore new areas. Recently some of the people at work asked me to join a union. I am reluctant to come on board simply because the management is so strongly anti-union that I would fear for my job security and possibly even for my health and safety. I believe in the end I will make the decision to join the Union but for the moment I simply want to keep my head down, do my job and enjoy my life with my husband.I miss you all terribly, and although we may never see each other again you can be happy to know that I am healthy and productive in the new world.

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Female Criminal Profiles - A - Z List

Female Criminal Profiles - A - Z List Brenda Andrew​Classification:  Murderer /  MariticideAndrew is on death row in Oklahoma after being convicted of killing her husband for insurance money. Susan Sadie May Glutz AtkinsClassification:  Murderer / TortureSusan Sadie Atkins is a former member of the Charles Manson family. She swore before a Grand Jury, that under the direction of Charlie Manson, she stabbed actress Sharon Tate. Velma Margie BarfieldClassification: Serial Killer /  Parricide /  MariticideVelma Barfield was dubbed Death Row Granny but she was anything but nurturing. Addicted to drugs, first, she would steal money from family members, then kill them to hide her thievery. Suzanne BassoClassification:  Murderer / Kidnapping / TortureBasso kidnapped a 59-year old retarded man and brutally beat him with various items resulting in his death. Kenisha BerryClassification: Murderer / InfanticideOn November 29, 1998, Berry put duct tape across the mouth of her 4-day-old baby boy, put him into a plastic bag and left his body in a dumpster. He suffocated to death. Linda CartyClassification: Murderer / KidnappingCarty hogtied a woman who had a three-day-old baby, taped a bag over her head and suffocated her. Lynette Alice Squeaky FrommeClassification:  Attempted AssassinationLynette Squeaky Fromme became the voice of the cult leader, Charlie Manson when he was sent to prison. She also pointed a gun at President Ford, for which she is now serving a life sentence. Cathy Lynn HendersonClassification: Murderer / KidnappingHenderson was convicted of the abduction and murder of a 3-month-old baby boy she was babysitting. Brittany HolbergClassification: Murderer /  Robbery / ProstitutionHolberg robbed and murdered an 80-year-old man, striking him with a hammer and stabbing him nearly 60 times. Karla HomolkaClassification: Serial Killer /  Rape / Torture /  FratricideHomolka, one of Canadas most horrific female convicts, has been released from prison after serving a 12-year sentence for her involvement in drugging, raping, torturing and killing young girls over a decade ago. The dead teens included her own young sister who she was offered to her boyfriend as a gift. Stacey LannertClassification: Murderer /  ParricideOn July 4, 1990, Stacey Ann Lannert, age 18, shot and killed her father, Tom Lannert, as he lay sleeping in the familys St. John, Missouri, home. In her statement to the police, Stacey claimed that her father had sexually abused her. She was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. Angela McAnultyClassification: Murderer /  Prolicide / TortureAngela McAnulty pleaded guilty to the torture, starvation, and murder of her 14-year-old daughter. Kimberly McCarthyClassification: Murderer  McCarthy stabbed a 70-year-old woman repeatedly resulting in her death. Blanche MooreClassification: Serial Killer Moore had a bad habit of poisoning the men in her life with arsenic. She is currently on death row for killing a boyfriend. Frances Elaine NewtonClassification: Murderer /  FamilicideNewton shot and killed her husband, her seven-year-old son and her 21-month-old daughter for insurance money. Darci PierceClassification:  Murderer /  Fetus TheftDarcie Pierce lied to her family and friend about being pregnant. When it came time for her to have her pretend baby, she murdered a pregnant woman and took her unborn child. Darlie RoutierClassification: Murderer /  Prolicide Darlie  Routier sits on death row in Texas for the murder of her children. Many questions have come up since her trial. Was she railroaded? You decide. Felecia ScottClassification:  Murderer /  Fetus TheftFelecia Scott thought having a baby with her new boyfriend would help seal the relationship, but she couldnt get pregnant. Her solution? Murder a pregnant woman and steal her baby. Erica SheppardClassification:  Murderer /  RobberySheppard wanted her victims car, so she slashed her throat with a knife five times and beat her with a statue. Christina S. WaltersClassification:  Murderer / Gang RelatedAs part of a gang-initiation, Walters randomly selected three teenage girls and shot them. Two of the girls died, one survived. Andrea YatesClassification: Homicide   /  Prolicide A profile of Andrea Yates, her life, her marriage to Rusty Yates, and the tragic events that led up to her drowning her five children.

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Business Personnel and Human Resource Management Essay

Business Personnel and Human Resource Management - Essay Example Human resource management is the management that helps in the recruitment, selection, training and development of workers in an organization to get members who can work towards achieving the goal of the organization (Aswathappa, 2005:5). Although personnel management and human resource management may seem to be the same, the difference is that personnel management deals entirely with the workforce while human resource management deals with the resources (Pangarkar, 2008:17). The organizational purpose of a company depends majorly on the human resource management. An organization that lacks good and organized human resource cannot achieve its goal. Human resource management is important because it is the management that deals with the recruitment of the workers, without which the purpose of the company cannot be achieved. If there is lack of the workforce, then the organization would not achieve its goal. It is the human resource management that deals with the selection of the newly r ecruited workers, to ensure the workers work in the fields that they can deliver their duties well. The human resource management also organizes for training to the workers to ensure they gain knowledge. The processes of recruiting selection and training of workers, all which lie under human resource management work towards accomplishing the goal of an organization; thus, human resource management have an important impact on the purpose of an organization (Weber, 2008.:51). B. Access the role and responsibilities of a line manager in the Google Company The Google Company is a company formed with the aim of making it easy for people to search for anything from the web. It is a site that understands everything that anyone searches and gives back exactly what people need. Google, being a company like any other has its organizational structure which helps in its daily operation. A line manager is the manager who is closer to the workers, who deals with the issues brought to them by empl oyees or teams and is responsible for a higher level of management for the employees (CIPD, 2013). Line managers are responsible for daily management of workers and issues affecting them. The line manager in this company is the one who manages the operational costs of the company through accessing the company’s operational expenses. Line managers should also provide technical training to the workers. They induce the workers to the job through organizing for trainings in the various job fields in the company. A line manager has the responsibility if allocating the work to different workers to ensure that the right person attends the right duty. It is also their duty to supervise the progress of the work in the company, to check for any failures in delivery of duty by the workers. They also monitor the quality of the work done to ensure that the company meets and maintains its standards. Customers in a given field of business have their needs and desires that need to be address ed. Responsibly, the line manager responds to the needs and complaints of the clients effectively to aid in realization of organizational golas. All these duties of the line manager focus on ensuring a successful progress on the company; thus it is the duty of the line manager to measure the performance of all the operations (Weber, 2008:73). C. Examine the organizational environment that impacts the HRM function in your organization, outlining the impacts of legal and